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Pāpa Bhayambu Pōyē
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Lyrics with Meaning :

Pāpa bhayambu pōyē paripāṭayipōyenu duṣkr̥tambilan
There is no fear of Sin, the wicked and cruel deeds are rampant on Earth,

śrīpati bhaktipōyē vivarimpaga lēni duranta kr̥tyamul
dāpuramayyē lōkamuna tāpasalōka śaraṇyuḍaina
Devotion towards God has vanished, unspeakable incidents of Cruelty and Misdeeds happening every day,

Ee śrīpati nāmacintanamē cēkuracēyu sukhambu mānavā!
Amidst all this Chaos, O Man!! Chanting the Lord"s name,
who is the only Refuge of the Noble, alone will deliver Happiness and Peace to Mankind.