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Anandamaya Bhagawan
Music: Bhajan
Lyricist: Bhajan
Album: Sai Bhajans
Tag: bhajan
Anandamaya Bhagawan Hey Premamaya Bhagawan
O! Bhagawan Sai Bhagawan [ Anandamaya Bhagawan ... ]
Hey Karuna Nidhey Prabhu Sai Ram
Krupa Nidhey Deenon Ke Pran
Lelo Prabhu Mujhey Sharan Lagalo
Mujhey Daya (Krupa) Karo Bhagawan

Meaning :
O! Lord Sai, You are love and bliss personified, repository of compassion and kindness and hope of the downtrodden. Kindly accept us at Your Lotus Feet.