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Jaya Sri Ganesha Vighna Nasha Gajanana
Singer: Sai Students
Music: Bhajan
Lyricist: Bhajan
Tag: bhajan
Jaya Sri Ganesha Vighna Nasha Gajanana
Vidya Buddhi Sarva Siddhi Suranjana [ Jaya Sri ... ]
Jaya Heramba Sri Jagadamba Nandana
Eka Dantha Dayavantha Shubhanana
Mangala Dayaka Sri Vinayaka Vandana

Meaning :
Glory to the Lord of Ganaas, Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles, who has the head of an elephant, who confers scholarship, intelligence and power. Glory to the son of Universal Mother (Parvathi). Glory to the one who is single tusked, compassionate and who bestows auspiciousness. I bow to Thee who is the highest.