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Parthivihara Papavidoora
Singer: Sai Students
Music: Bhajan
Lyricist: Bhajan
Tag: bhajan
Parthivihara Papavidoora - O Lord Sai who resides at Parthi!
Pavana Charana Sai Narayana - The Very Surrender to Thy Feet destroys our sins.
Allah Tum Ho Yesu Tum Ho - You are Allah, and Jesus Christ.
Sab Ke Malik Sai Tum Ho - You are the all knowing Omniscient Sai.
Buddha Zoroastra Nanak Tum Ho - You are Buddha, Zoroastra and Guru Nanak.
Tum Ho Baba Antaryami - O Baba! You are verily the One who is present in all.
Sab Bhakton Ke Palan Hare - O protector of all the devotees!
Kaliyuga Avatara Sai Narayana - O Sai Narayana! You are the Avatar of this day and Age, of this Kali Yuga.