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Lord Hanuman Bhajans
Singer: Sai Students
Music: Bhajan
Lyricist: Bhajan
Album: Bhajan
Tag: bhajan
1. Rama Lakshmana Janaki .....
Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai Bolo Hanuman Ki
Anjani Putra Balabheema Anjaneya Balabheema
Balabheem (6) Balabheema
Vayu Kumara Balabheema Vanara Veera Balabheema [ Balabheem ... ]
Parthi Pureesha Sai Rama Pavana Purusha Sai Rama
Sai Ram (6) Sai Rama

2. Anjaneya Veera Hanumantha Shoora .....
Anjaneya Veera Hanumantha Shoora
Vayu Kumara Vanara Veera [ Anjaneya ... ]
Vayu Kumara Vanara Veera
Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jai Jai Ram Sita Ram Jai Radhey Shyam (4)

3. Hey Rama Dootha ....
Hey Rama Dootha Hey Rama Bhaktha Hey Rama Daasa Namo Namo
Sita Mata Shoka Vinasha
Anatha Natha Namo Namo
Maruti Raya Mahanubhava
Ati Balavanta (Veera Anjaneya) Namo Namo

4. Jai Jai Hanuman Jaya Hanuman .....
Jai Jai Hanuman Jaya Hanuman (2)
Maruti Raya Jaya Hanuman
Mahanubhava Jaya Hanuman
Vayu Kumara Jaya Hanuman
Vanara Veera Jaya Hanuman
Anjana Putra Jaya Hanuman
Ati Balavanta Jaya Hanuman
Sri Rama Dootha (Bhaktha) Jaya Hanuman

5. Jaya Vijayeebhava Jaya Vijayeebhava ....
Jaya Vijayeebhava Jaya Vijayeebhava
Bhava Bhaya Nasha Hanumantha
Pavana Kumara Paavana Veera
Ati Balavantha Hanumantha
Anjani Putra Veeranjaneya
Niranjana Vijayeebhava (Bolo) (2)

6. Pavanasutha Hanuman Ki Jai ....
Pavanasutha Hanuman Ki Jai
Sita Pathi (Siyavar) Ramachandra Ki Jai [ Pavanasutha ... ]
Parakrama Anjaneya Ki Jai (2)
Parthipuri Sainath Ki Jai (2)

7. Prabhu Ramachandra Ke Dootha ....
Prabhu Ramachandra Ke Dootha Hanumantha Anjaneya
Hanumantha Hanumantha Hanumantha Anjaneya
Hey Pavan Putra Hanumantha Balabheema Anjaneya
Balabheema Balabheema Balabheema Anjaneya

8. Veera Maruthi Gambhira Maruthi .....
Veera Maruti Gambhira Maruti
Dheera Maruti Ati Dheera Maruti
Geeta Maruti Sangeeta Maruti
Dootha Maruti Rama Dootha Maruti
Bhaktha Maruti Parama Bhaktha Maruti