• Madhav Srimadh Bhagavatam, Founder and Programmer

    I am a music lover (studied under Smt. Aparna Balaji, O.S. Thiagarajan, Sri. Komanduri Seshadri Garu), Marathon Runner (Boston, Vermont City Marathons), Dad of two wonderful girls, husband to my lovely wife Kiranmayee, a student of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, MIT Grad ('03) and geek of staff at raagabox.

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  • Subbu Sankaran

    Subbu hails from Chennai and currently lives in Massachusetts with his wife Raji and two sons Ananthasai and Ashwathsai. He is very passionate about composing new tunes and background music. He considers that music presents a good opportunity to give something back to the community. His other interests include playing tennis and reading books.

  • Srikanth Vaidyanathan

    An alumnus of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Srikanth was a lead bhajan singer in the Prashanthi Mandir Bhajan group. He is currently learning Hindustani vocal from Warren Senders in the Boston area.

  • Rasika Murali

    An passionate student of music, Rasika has been learning Carnatic vocal music from Smt. Geetha Murali and Carnatic violin from Smt. Tara Anand for the past 11 years. She performs both vocal and violin concerts around the area. Apart from this, Rasika has a special interest for singing Sai bhajans and also enjoys singing western classical music as a part of her choirs at school.

  • Pavan Krishnamurthy

    Keen music enthusiast, with an interest in any kind of music. Currently learning carnatic vocal from Mrs. Geetha Murli and Bass Guitar from Mr. Pablo Sebastian

  • Swarup Swaminathan

    An avid musician, Swarup Swaminathan has been playing the harmonium for over a dozen years. He has had the privilege and honor of training with Dr. Kedar Naphade, one of the foremost practitioners of solo harmonium. In addition to performing classical music, he loves singing informally, playing for bhajans, and jamming with fellow musicians.

  • Saish Gunturi

    Saish enjoys playing the Mandolin and Guitar. He is learning Mandolin from Sri. U. Srinivas, the Mandolin Maestro.

  • Aditya Kalavagunta

    Aditya Kalavagunta studied at the Sathya Sai University , Prashanti Nilayam India, from 1993 to 2000. He had the opportunity to be a part of the music group at the university during this period and was one of the lead Bhajan singers in the Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir during this period . Since 2001 he has been in the United states and has participated in several musical projects and programs. Presently he is living in Los Angeles and is learning Hindustani vocal music from Mrs Lakshmi Shankar.

  • Rak Parthasarathy

    Raj Parthasarathy - Mathematics research. Visited and taught math at U.S.A and Europe. Collaborated with researchers there. Highest degree: D.H.C (doecteur honoris causa) France-2009. Based mostly in Indian soil. Set to go to Coimbatore after retiring in October 2010. Wife Latha and I started singing bhajans in early 90's. Uday Panchal gives us company and plays the harmonium for our bhajans. Raagabox is a great source for me to learn and share bhajans.

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  • Uday Panchal

    Uday Namdev Panchal did Sangeet Visharat in 1990. Along with his father he learnt vocal music (which he now imparts) under the able guidance of his grandfather Pt. Namdev Krishna Panchal and (late)Pt. Ramkrishna Joshi. In addition Uday is an accomplished tabla player and teacher having learnt the same from (late)Pt.Vasudev Naik and Pt. Mahadev Datte. (Raj writes - for his sweet nature he is Uday Maharaj to many.)

  • Anuradha Narayanan

    Anu Narayanan is a trained vocalist in the Carnatic and Hindustani styles of Indian Music. She is a student of Hindustani musician Warren Senders.

  • Prahlad Cielappagari

    Prahlad is a extraordinary singer. He is a very versatile singer who can easily sing different styles of music including lite music, bhajans, Hindustani, ghazals etc. He is at present pursuing Hindustani music under the guidance of Smt. Kumkum Sanyal.

  • Sathya Atreyam

    Sathya is a trained Tabla player and passionate about music in the context of Spirituality.

  • Sadhujag

    Sai bhajan/Yoga enthusiast, with music in the family all along; Learnt bhajans from a direct student of Bhagawan; believe everyone is a born singer,, only the range has to be found out with devotion, dedication and practice. Interested in spartan and effective bhajan sessions with optimum selection of songs and a good repertoire; ; Retired and settled in life. Enjoying the music and attention of three loving grandchildren; sharing bhajans to all who need.

  • Vidyanand Desibhatla

    Vidyanand is from Boston. Over the years, he has developed a deep respect and appreciation for music of all sorts & styles. He considers music as therapeutic and divine. He dabbles with the harmonium & accordion whenever he finds time. He learned Mrindangam at a young age from Sri Lakshman Singh in Bangalore, and carnatic vocal music for a brief period in Hyderabad.