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"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." -Apple
We Celebrate this day, Your birthday, Lord Sai, our eternal teacher Please shower Your blessings
and wisdom, and teach us to meditate on You, and serve You Bestow mercy and peace on us
devotees, who are in Your holy presence
O mind! Chant the primal name of Satyanarayana, and take refuge at the feet of our true Guru
Lord Sai is the embodiment of Lord Vishnu who reclines on the serpent (Adisesha) and who has
effulgent face like the moon and eyes as beautiful as the lotus
Victory to the Primal God (Narayana) who is now incarnated as Sai Salutations to Hari(Vishnu)
who resides in Pandhari He who is praised by the Vedas, fulfills our prayers
At the outset worship Lord Ganesha, son of Mother Gauri, and bestower of good fortune He is the
destroyer of difficulties and granter of successThe entire Universe worships at His feet
Lord Vishnu (Shrinivasa, Venkatesha)reclines on the serpent (Adishesha) Incarnated as Rama, the
jewel of the Raghu dynasty,He is the consort of Sita Son of Yashoda, Krishna(consort of Radha), 
is the jewel of the Yadavas Chant the name of Shiva, the consort of Gauri (Uma), the One adorned
with the snake
I invoke in my mind, the long armed, lotus eyed, indweller, Rama, who resides in Vaikuntha (abode
of the Gods) He is also Lord Sai, residing in Puttaparthi
Sai, light the ternal flame within the temple of my heart and illumine my intelligence Embodiment
of love and divinity,with the effulgence equal to that of million suns, light in me the flame of divinity,
knowledge, and love
O Lord of Shiridi and Parthi, creator of cosmos, supremely merciful, You are the destroyer of the
evils of the Kali age and the friend of the downtrodden Kindly grant us the vision of Your form
Supremely Divine, the Goddess of the whole Universe, the ocean of compassion, is Sai Shankari
She is the delight of Shiva, and the divine mother who grants auspiciousness
Lord Narayana (Lord Sai)is the imperceptible, faultless destroyer of the cycle of birth and death
Have mercy on us, Sai You are the great god, the indweller, the essence of Gita and Koran and
the sustenance and support of all the living
You are Allah, Shiva, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Mahavir, Rama, and Krishna You are the Master
of all faiths, Lord Satya Sai In the Treta age, you incarnated as Lord Rama, and in the Dwapara 
age as Lord Krishna Now in the Kali age, You are Lord Sai
Sai of Puttaparthi, the Mother Goddess, is the source, suport and mother of the Universe She
is the savior of the fallen
Chant the names of Mother parvati: Amba, Durga and Maheshvari Lord Sai is the Supreme Mother
of the Universe
The lord of the divine forces is the beloved Son of Shiva and Mother Parvati, and the giver of peace
Lord sathya Sai of Parthi, is the eternal Being and embodiment of Aum
Supreme Goddess of the entire creation, the divine energy is the Goddess of the three worlds The
sovereign ruler, whose very nature is bliss, is our protector
Praise Lord Shiva, who is accompanied by Amba (Parvati) Praise the Lord of Lords, the destroyer
of evil
The beautiful Mother Parvati, the consort of Shiva, is the mother of the Universe She is endowed
with virtous qualities Dressed in white (purity), She i the sister of Vishnu (sustainer)
Mother Sai, the primal energy is our refuge She is eternal bliss and the indweller
Mother Parvati, creator and protector, is the graceful mother of all Mother Sai is the embodiment
of truth and peace, and the grantor of eternal bliss
Elehpant-faced Lord Ganesha, Son of Amba, is the Lord of all divine forces Surrender to the Lord
of all the three worlds, the bestower of auspiciousness who grants knowledge, wisdom and intellect
O Lord Sai, You are full of bliss and love You are the ocean of compassion
and grace, and the very life of the down-trodden Please Lord, take me
to Your Feet, and shower Your mercy and grace on me
Mother Goddess, Narayani, (Parvati) From Himalaya mountains, is the protecter of three worlds;
She is the liberator and personifies supreme bliss Mother Sai of Parthi, is worshiped by the entire
Glory to Lord Krishna, Lord of Meera and Radha, who plays melodies on the flute He is the
cowherd son of Nanda and Yashoda, from Gokula
Mother Sai,the Goddess of the Universe, the primal and supreme force, is an ocean of bliss She
confers mercy and compassion
Blissful is Sai's name and transcensdental are Sai bhajans Eternal is His effulgence and exceedingly
beautiful is His form
Lord Sai, kinsman of the destitute, please forgive our erring ways Accompany us in our life's
journey and allow love and devotion to be born within us Do not desert the temple of our hearts
Let us serve at Your immortal feet
Mother Sai protects and gives refuge to the destitute The lotus-eyed Goddess of the Universe frees
us from fear, destroys grief and is worshipped by all living beings Let us surrender to Sai
Chant the name of the brave Hanuman (Rama's Devotee), the terror of Lanka, who relieved Sita's
grief at the Ashoka forests Let us chant the name of Rama
The mighty, and powerfull Anjaneya is the offspring of the Wind God Glory be unto Lord Rama
O Sai, please light the inner flame of my heart O Eternal One, Embodiment
of Brahman, please have mercy Please bestow Your compassion, O Embodiment 
of total effulgence Please grant me Your grace, O Embodiment of the 
auspicious and divine energy O Mother, Sai, Mother of the Universe, You 
are the salvation of the fallen, please have mercy
Bow to the omnipresent light, the light of God within Bow to the never-ending light, which is the
very essence of life Bow to the indwelling true guru Lord Sai
Sai, the indweller, Lord of the destitute, is the friend and kinsman of the downtrodden He is all 
merciful Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Shakti (Mother Goddess), and personification of love He is the
incarnation of the (Kali) age
The indwelling spirit is Sai personified and known by different names: Allah, Jesus, Rama, Krishna,
Zoroaster, Mahavir, Guru Nanak, and Buddha Sai is the totality of truth, right action, peace and
O Lord Sai, the indweller of the hearts, destroyer of the demon Mura,
You are the helper of the poor and the afflicted The glory of
Your Name is so great that it carries us across the ocean of existence
So, (let us) sing Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram
The ever beautiful son of Nanda, is the flute playing Krishna He walked the gardens of Brindavan
and lifted the Mandara mountain to protect His devotees The lotus-eyed Lord Krishna, the
charming dancer is Lord Sai of Parthi 
Come, indweller of our hearts, Sai Narayana,the foremost The Lord, who lifted the mountain
(Govardhana) resides in our hearts Lord Sai is the embodiment of Lord Hari who destroyed demon
Sai, please come into the temple of our hearts and give us Your darshan Destroy our sins and
liberate us from this worldly existence You are the personification of love and truth
Please come, Sai, Lord of the Universe, our eyes are eager to see Your divine form O Lord
Shankara, the ocean of compassion, grant us Your vision
Please come, beloved Sai, let me sing Your glory O Supreme Lord, You are the support of my life
and the shining star of my eyes
Please come, Krishna, son of Nanda Let us hear the sound on the anklets adorning Your dancing
feet O Lord of Parthi, pleaes come into the temple of our hearts through our songs
Come, O Gopala! You held up the mountain Govardana to save Your devotees We welcome You
the indweller of our hearts Lord Sai, You reside in the abode of peace and grant bliss
Welcome O Lord Sai! Endow us with purity of life,truth,righteousness,bliss and love You are the
savior of the Universe,the teacher and life of the devotees
Please come our beloved Lord Sai! You are as precious as our eyes Without you, there is no one
to protect us Who but You can support us, O Beloved Sai?
Welcome Lord Sai Please kindle the flame of wisdom in temple of my heart You are my life
breath, my father, mother, divine guide, and my kith and kin Your divine feet are pilgrimages
Welcome Sai Narayana, Creator of the Universe Grant us Your darshan You are none other than
Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Vishnu, Brhamha and Shankara
Worship Lord Krishna who held the Govardhana  mountain up He walked the gardens (in
Brindavan) He is the life sustainers of devotees Lord Sai, of Parthi, please bestow mercy on us
Hear my prayers,O Lord Krishna Beautiful and dark hued, You reside in the heart of Radha You
play the enchanting flute in Brindavan O Lord Sai Gopala, please stay with me
Hear my request, all-merciful Parthi Sai You are the eternal Truth, the indweller and the Lord of
all creation Please liberate me from this bondage of existence and take me beyond the process of
life and death
Please grant me refuge, Lord Sai of Shirdi and Parthi, as I offer the lamp of love at your holy feet
The lotus-eyed Lord Sai (Narayana) protects the helpless He is the son of Easvaramma, and He
removes sins He is the immaculate Lord, who bestows auspiciousness
Baba, please reside in our empty heart; the temple is empty without You You are the Lord of the
Universe,Rama and Rahim Please stay in our homes
Rama, the indweller of our hearts, delights in conferring bliss, and is beautiful and beyond illusion
Rama, whose heart is filled with divine love and whose name is the very essence of beauty, is the
embodiment of all virtues
Rama, the indweller of our hearts, is the embodiment of bliss Narayana (Hari), who is eternal,
removes the fear of existence I bow at the feet of Lotus-eyed Rama, the jewel of the Raghu dynasty
Lord Narayana, rests on Adi Shesha He is Sathya Narayana, the embodiment of truth, bliss, and knowledge
Rama, Lord of Sita, is the charming indweller of our hearts, and delights in conferring bliss Lord 
with the beautiful name Krishna is the delight of Radha Lord Sai is the embodiment of Rama and 
Sing in praise of the wonderful lingam that has emerged from within the navel of Sai It is adorned
with nine precious gems and the hood of a cobra Sing in praise of the lingam that verily represents
Lord Sai
Rama, Lord of Sita, resides in Ayodhya Krishna, Lord of Radha, in Brindavan Worship Lord Sai
of Puttaparthi and of Shirdi
Lord of Ayodhya, Rama, incarnated in Dvaraka as Krishna, as Sai in Shirdi, and in Puttaparthi
Chant the name of Sai Ram
Lord Rama, the resident of Ayodhya and the beloved son of King Dasharatha, is the savior of the
fallen and the Lord of Janaki (Sita)